Rights and Identity


Part I of the Rights story is found in the very long and fullsome CAcert Audit paper that I wrote up a 3 year adventure within the only CA to fully crack the allocation of liabilities problem. Especially, see sections:

As an atrociously painful simplification, you can imagine the future world as being "like" the world of that org and its members... everyone together under assurance, a membership contract, and arbitration. If you follow the logic and avoid traps as if applied to your canonical ideal group and its members, you might end up at the same place.

Part 2

Quite how you get there is Part II.

The second part of the story relates the development of a modern arrangement of governing shared assets that draws from Kenyan finance, financial cryptography (Ricardo and even a hint of blockchain), and integrating into the CAcert designs.

This story has not been written down in a cohesive fasion, although it has started sliding out of the grey and into black & white in a series of 5 (today) chapters:

Two easlier snippets of Part II are recorded: You might be amused by this 8 minute video talking about the types of identity: Robin Hood Open Office London August 2015, and this 30 minute more technical video talking about the data layout of the design: Sum Of All Chains - let’s converge ( Transcript and slides).

The alternate is a 5 hours brain dump :(