Note, these are old; cerca 2004. Others have done better work since, no doubt.

A collection of MindMaps referred to by various other documents. As the applet to present these mindmaps is big and cumbersome, they are collected together rather than being scattered closer to their content directories. (This arrangement might change, follow the links from the referring documents rather than bookmarking this page.)

MindMap Referring Document Local References Other References
Open Governance (paper)
Open Governance
Papers - FC Layer 5
Browsing Attack Tree (notes)
The Browser Threat Model
  • SSL & PKI - FC Layer 2
  • PKI Considered Harmful
  • Ivan Ristic's SSL Threat Model includes mindmap graphic
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    Note 2. Two features are available: Click on a node to fold and unfold; drag the background to move around. Best seen on a big screen.
    Note 3. FreeMind (applet about 300k) is a SourceForge project.